Ashley B. - parent 

Our son's skill level has advanced immensely since working with BANE and has far exceeded our expectations. We would, and have, recommend Coach Sercan's training to anyone who is serious about advancing their basketball skill level and understanding of the game

John G. - parent 

My son attended your camp this week and loved it - came home exhausted every night! I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to you and your team of amazing coaches. He gained so much from all of you at BANE!

Jennifer K. - parent 

My son absolutely loved the basketball clinic. Coach Fenerci and Coach Rogers are excellent coaches/mentors. My son's confidence and skills has greatly improved because of these clinics. You guys are awesome!

David L. - parent 

Teaching young kids the fundamentals at an early age is critical to their long-term development. If you don't learn the fundamentals of the game early on and practice them at game speed you won't be able to perform in critical game situations. Sercan's teaching and philosophy facilitates that development. Our daughter loves working with Sercan and looks forward to being pushed, working hard and improving every time!”

Shad G. - parent 

Coach Sercan is a great coach. Wish he was still in the Colorado area we would definitely continue with private sessions. I would highly recommend Coach Sercan for developing individual skills.

Amy L. - parent 

Serg has been great with my 8th grade son, really encourages him and pushes him to do his best.

Meredith H. - parent 

Coach Sercan has been great with my 9th grade daughter, really helping to improve her skills in all aspects of the game. He is very knowledgeable and encouraging and has been a pleasure to work with. My daughter really enjoys her sessions with him, feels she is improving with each sessions and looks forward to them every week!

Lynn C. - parent

After completion of 10 sessions with Coach Sercan, I would definitely recommend him as a coach. My son has improved with the sport, especially ball handling, and shooting skills. Worked with other coaches before, but Sercan has impressed me with his style of coaching, especially focusing on my sons areas of improvements!

Michael B. - parent 

Coach Sercan has strengthened my sons basketball skills. My son has learned a lot from Coach Sercan and it was a pleasure working with him. I highly recommend him

Eric W. - parent

My 5th grade daughter has been working with a coach Fenerci for several months now. I couldn't be more pleased with the results! Coach Fenerci is always enthusiastic and well-prepared for the sessions. When my daughter first started with Coach she lacked confidence in her abilities. Now she's a much more confident player. Coach Fenerci is ensuring that my daughter has a strong foundation in the fundamentals of basketball. My daughter's ball-handling skills have improved tremendously. She is having fun while she is being challenged every workout! I feel very fortunate to have Coach Fenerci working with my daughter.